Skills Development

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All companies with a annual payroll of more than R500 000 needs to pay a skills development levy of 1% of their payroll. These levies must be paid to SARS via the EMP201 document.

In order to become a participating company the company must comply with the following:

  • Ensure that SARS is paying the levies to the correct SETA that represents the sector that the company do business in
  • Submit an Annual Training Report and Workplace Skills Plan to the SETA

Advantages of being a participating Company

  • 20% of the levies paid to SARS will be paid back to Company for participating
  • Company can apply for extra discretionary grant that can be utilise for training activities
  • Compliance when submitting tenders on you company’s behalf
  • Improved productivity and motivation in the workplace

The problem for companies is that their skills development becomes a nightmare due to the fact that it requires expert knowledge on a continuous basis. The odd visit by a SDF just before the submission due dates of the documents is no longer sufficient The content of the WSP/ATR are now challenged during the audit which makes data capturing and record keeping essential.

Personnel-ex-l offers a service which include more than just one visit and the completion of the WSP/ATR. We will be there by your side through the whole implementation process ensuring the success of your business.

Skills Development Services is a department of Personnel-ex-L. Its main objective is to promote the development of all employees. This will lead to an increase in business profits/ expansion thus contributing to future job creation.

Our Skills development services are designed to develope your employees in such a way that the company can benefit from it. Skills are measured thus the impact there of can be clearly seen in the business.

The following services are included in the package:

  • The completion and submission of Work Place Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Reports (ATR)
  • Attending Skills development meetings / EE meetings
  • Setting up of a Training Committee
  • Facilitate the Skills Audits
  • Summary of Skills Audit
  • In house training implementation
  • Training interventions are included (weekly if in Klerksdorp)
  • Facilitate the gathering and storage of evidence required
  • Supply the company with necessary templates to ensure that all data is captured
  • Liaising with SETA for extra grants


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